Mission is to help all adults live life with an authentic relationship with their own soul; to be excited and at peace with the very best she/he can be, and to effect others, especially children in the most positive way.

As we influence others, we must “Be the change we wish to see” as leaders, teachers, parents, lovers and friends.

Too often, people are kept inside of their “lowest energy selves.” Television and various multi-media programs keep people stuck underneath the glass ceiling; inside of the Limbic Brain, Fight/Flight thinking, producing ill-health, and less than desirable positive effects. Humans are social beings, needing one another. Our desire for self acceptance at times causes us to be vulnerable to other’s opinions, whether or not those opinions are helpful.

SQI is a world-class Advanced Teacher College, LEARNING LEADERS®, Leaders of Learning® training center and certification program,based in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. We provide research for interactive technologies, seminars and tools to make learning ridiculously faster, easier and more wonderful. We provide resources for mastery leadership for practicing scientists, executives, school leaders, teachers, students and parents at any age. Our company is founded on highly accredited, experience-based, learning. We approach technology as a means, toward improved learning models, but experiences with others is a primary focus. The ultimate goal is to achieve  self-inspired motivation by making learning intrinsically interesting, as we believe the goal of education is a means to self-empowerment, self-discipline, self-effectiveness, influence, life-mastery and service to others.

All of our classes are interactive and teach by doing, even if they are on-line classes. In Sedona, we hike inside of the vortexes, and put our feet in the creek,  where we learn together.

StarShine® Quintessential Institute

Training for Out of the Box Leaders

Over the course of 15 years, we have found FAST SOLUTIONS many problems facing LEARNING LEADERS® of the 21st century.  We dedicate ourselves to certifying LEARNING LEADERS® through the StarShine® Quintessential Institute to become SQI Facilitators.

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StarShine™ Quintessential Institute was formed based on our worldwide experiences and need to co-create a better world

with the

Strategic Mission to Prepare LEARNING LEADERS® for the 21st Century.

In today’s fast and noisy–too much information–world, students, parents and administrators are demanding more from teachers.  Although it seems that our technologically advanced teaching should be easier, the reality is that most teachers are taught to manage classrooms with techniques as antiquated as those one hundred years ago.

Our program teaches you how to navigate the intellectual, emotional and negative waters that churn around all of us.  We filter the most effective, best practices that really work, which will increase your value in your work – a value that we’ll teach you how to communicate so you can manifest the work of your dreams.

At StarShine® Quintessential Institute, we certify that our LEARNING LEADERS® will exceed expectations to educate the “Whole Student.” Upon completion of our rigorous program, you will receive our prestigious Professional LEARNING LEADER® Certificate and StarShine’s Seal of Approval,  which will elevate you many levels above those you leave behind.  In fact, we have tremendous faith in our program and offer a money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the value of your certification, we will issue a refund without hesitation.  No Risk…just Reward!

 If you’re ready to become a valuable, 5 Star Learning Leader we invite you to join us!
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